Income tax services and planning

All businesses are required by law to file a timely and accurate income tax return by the stipulated filing tax deadline every year. While most taxpayers do file their taxes on time, there are still some who fail to do so each year.

As a result, the tax authorities can impose penalties and court summonses on companies that have failed to file or filed late their income tax return.

Thus, to avoid being subject to such regulatory actions, it is important in preparing early. It is therefore necessary to have your financial statements prepared beforehand as this will form the basis for your business’ income tax computations. In addition, our tax specialists team can also help you to uncover business expenses that may qualify for further deductions or tax refunds.

In short, it is worth the time and money to engage a professional to review your tax position regularly. If there is an item that can claim deductibility, a tax specialist would be able to advise you. When it comes to dealing with the tax authorities, our assistance will also help you to save some headaches too.


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