Government Grants and Incentives for SMEs in Singapore

In Singapore, there are various government grants and assistance programs that applies to all types of companies regardless of size and readiness. This measures, covering areas from equipment and technology, to business development, R&D and intellectual property, are mainly targeted at local SMEs to help them in their upgrading efforts and achieving productivity growth.

The grants and schemes are mainly in the following forms:

Loans: Purchase of operating assets and working capital for your business

Grants: Funding for productivity and innovation related projects, upgrading of business capabilities, R&D and intellectual property development, overseas expansion

Tax Incentives: Tax deductions and tax incentives

Equity Financing: Dollar to dollar matching and co-investment schemes

Non-Financial Assistance: Self-help toolkits developed for SMEs

This are mainly administered by government agencies such as SPRING Singapore, IRAS, IDA, etc.

Please contact us if you wish to find out how we can assist you in applying for government grants and schemes.


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